Comments:  Chocolate Strategy
Pudding Mix

"My kids loved the chia seed variation."   
"I took my hand blender to work and
make a different flavor each day.  No
more vending machine junk food."
"Not the same as my favorite chocolate
pudding, but I can get used to it.  I like
the way it makes me feel."

"How did you know pudding was my
weakness?  Now it's my diet strength."  
Comments: Chocolate Strategy Frosting Mix

"OK, a batch of this is definitely going in the fridge for
late-night chocolate emergencies!"  "Now I have a super
healthy low cal frosting to go with my super healthy
zucchini cake recipe."  "We liked this with lots of chopped
fresh fruit, berries and little chunks of angel food cake.
Too bad the cake has sugar, but this is a big improvement
for us."  "I just eat mine straight!".  "I'd put this on our low
carb pancakes, but now I want a better pancake mix. Does
anyone know where I can get  some without the artificial
sweeteners?"   "My new diet splurge: banana, peanut
butter and chocolate strategy frosting".
Even though I am fairly new to chocolate strategy, I have been drinking the raw cacao powder daily for about 2 weeks, and have already enjoyed its health benefits. I have
struggled with depression (in various forms; post-traumatic stress disorder, post-partum and ante-partum depression) for 9 years and have been on numerous
anti-depressants as well as anti-anxiety medications.

Just before I started drinking the raw cacao powder I had worsened anxiety and depression, the next step was to up my dose or change to another prescription, but I am happy
to say that I did not have to take that step. My therapist had suggested increasing my dose to lift the depression in order to get me to exercise. She hoped that I would feel
better so that I establish this and other healthy habits in turn increasing my dopamine and serotonin levels naturally.

Thus far, I think because of chocolate strategy, there has been no need to increase my meds; I have been drinking the raw cacao powder daily and now have no problem
hiking/walking almost daily for at least one hour.  After my hikes I have been able to be a better homemaker and mother. I have since experienced more energy, less anxiety,
less irritability, plus my libido increased. Soon I will wean off of my medication and keep you posted on my progress.
                                                                                                                                         - I. M. S.
Comments: Chocolate Strategy
Basic Drink Mix

"gets my brain ready for a busy day
better than anything else!"   "love the
way it delivers oxygen to my muscles
before a workout."  "No more snacking
or tasting while fixing a meal.  With my
Chocolate Strategy drink on the
counter, my will power has
sky-rocketed".  "keeps me so happy
and  optimistic my (co-workers) think I
must be in love!"
Comments:  Chocolate Strategy
Instant Fudge Mix

"Good for me?  No way!"   "I can't
believe how few calories this has yet
nothing artificial."  "Love it plain or
with dried tart cherries."  "I call it my
miracle fudge."

(our own comment - because the
fudge mix contains a
powder, we plan to research and
include a
probiotic formula as well)
My first 4 months of Chocolate Strategy were full of pleasant surprises.  I have several autoimmune disorders and severe environmental sensitivity.  A prolonged bout with
rheumatic fever left my microcirculatory system damaged and not able to supply the cells throughout my body with sufficient oxygen or to keep the cells detoxed.  Along with
the cleanest air and diet possible, my best "medicine" is exercise.  Exercise is really difficult when you're really sick.

Can you imagine the shock of discovering (after decades of painful struggling to force more oxygen into my body through exercise) that
chocolate improved my fitness level
by perhaps as much as 600%?  With Chocolate Strategy exercise is much easier but yet I get so much more good from it.

Thinking became easier.  I guess my brain cells needed more oxygen as well.  - - I noticed that it was much easier to be cheerful, even with all sorts of reasons not to be.

I liked the healthier color in my face.  My fingers have better color/circulation.  Fingernail beds lengthened and nail shape improved.  Even my toenail beds became pink.  
Never having seen that before, at first I thought it was a weird new color bruise.  A small varicose vein which had been present for more than 8 years, just DISAPPEARED.  
I don't miss it one little bit. - -  My skin has always been dry.  Not now! - -  I forgot sunscreen on a day when I was in intense sun for hours.  I was amazed that exposed skin
(usually quite burn-prone) was just fine!

Very low levels of pollution still make me sick, but I detox and heal faster than ever before.

I've eaten chocolate all my life, but I've never experienced anything remotely close to this before.     - J. A. F.
Chocolate Strategy is brand new!  We appreciate the above comments, and would love to hear from you as you try our recipes!   
A 50% positive, 50% negative comment: One lady who used the Chocolate Strategy fudge mix for about 5 weeks observed that her Raynaud's symptoms improved!  In her
case, (with lupus, a connective tissue disorder), vascular constriction interrupt blood flow to extremities.
But those 5 weeks coincided with a time when she was more aware than usual of her vascular seizures.  We do not know if she was more aware of the seizures because she
was watching all symptoms more attentively while using Raw Cacao or if another factor was involved, but she decided to stop using Raw Cacao.   
Comments by those who previewed  Chocolate Strategy Instant Mixes For Weight Loss during Product Research & Development