Use the Chocolate Strategy Weight-Loss Recipes.        Experience triple fat-burning power.

1. Raw Cacao.  Let it's unique nutrients build your physical, emotional and mental health (and burn your fat!)
2. Natural sweeteners that also build your health and burn your fat?  We found them for you!  
3. Surprise!  An extremely effective weight loss fiber gives our drinks a silky, creamy texture.
~ Trehalose: the short story ~  Until recent months, extremely expensive.  Only available in very costly formulas or
for the most important medical purposes.
 (Slightly longer story follows note on Konjac root Powder) .

- Occurs in nature.  Sweet,  pleasant, convenient.  Does have calories but the trade-off in enhanced metabolic fitness
is more than worth it.
- Builds health in ways
not duplicated by other foods.  Anti aging.  Supports brain health. .

- Helps reverse a condition which causes fat cells to enlarge.  (Here the combination of restricting calories  AND
including Trehalose is noticeably more effective than only reducing calories).  Perfect for use with Raw Cacao in
Chocolate Strategy.  See the
online book for recipes and shopping tips. .

.    Safety: Trehalose has a long history of human use. Numerous studies have been conducted to support its safety.
We choose food ingredients that are:
  • anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, potent antioxidants   
  • very low on the glycemic index  
  • rich sources of extremely valuable soluble fibers   
  • a high food value / low calorie ratio.
~ Erythritol ~ depending on which country puts the label on this marvellous, naturally occurring sweetener, it has either zero or almost zero
calories, carbohydrates and glycemic load.  Erythritol lacks not only the calories but the health destroying properties of table sugar.  Well, that
gets our attention.  Is there a down side?  Wade through piles of internet misinformation, stumble on a few reputable reports, and the answer is
 No evidence of toxicity ot harm (   For the average person, all you have to know is, to keep your stomach
happy, just don't eat more than half a cup at a time.  

More commonly known than Erythritol is Xylitol, a sugar alcohol closely related to it.  If anyone in your family is prone to inner ear infections, oral
thrush or cavities, check out the surprising advantages of Xylitol sweetened chewing gum.  There is good reason to suspect that Erythritol's
ability to starve "bad" bacteria and promote "good" is systemic rather than, like Xylitol's, localized in mouth and sinuses.  But for our Chocolate
Strategy recipes, we prefer Erythritol over Xylitol because:
  • Of all the sugar alcohols, Erythritol, with the smallest molecular size, has the best digestibility.  (You will find poorly researched internet
    articles lumping Erythritol in with sugar alcohols notorious for their poor digestibility.  This is incorrect.)
  • Xylitol has 33% fewer calories than regular sugar, whereas Erythritol is virtually calorie-free.  And we love that!  

n Chocolate Strategy's weight loss recipes, Erythritol is often blended with Stevia and Trehalose.  The exact proportions can be adjusted for
individual taste.  We use IP (Identity Preserved) Erythritol to ensure NonGMO.
        ~ Stevia: A plant of unassuming appearance, but think Super Power when you think Stevia!

Simply trading refined sugar for the super sweet, zero calorie extract from Stevia's leaf gives
you the power to prevent
deadly diabetes and to halt the rushing progress of many degenerative and inflammatory disorders of body
and mind. .

Stevia has a long, long history of safe use.  For hundreds, if not thousands of years it has been highly valued in its
native tropical /subtropical America as a medicinal herb and a sweet treat.  The 1970's saw its emergence into the
Japanese diet , where it was welcomed as a non-caloric, natural sweetener.  In Japan, Stevia now  accounts for 40% of
entire sweetener market! ** Millions have used it for more than **40 years with no apparent or reported ill effects.
The main harm that will caused by Stevia as people learn how to use it? - - Harm to the sugar industry; harm to the
artificial sweetener industry!
    Stevia leaves & extract
Steady, Sustained Energy.
Trehalose.  Delicious.  Healing.
We avoid any food ingredients known to  
  • produce an age accelerating, pro-inflammatory effect  
  • force the body to detoxify artificial or harmful chemicals  
  • have a high calorie / low food value ratio
  • cost too much for too little health value.
~ Trehalose: the slightly longer story ~  Boasts such impressive health-building qualities we would at least try to eat it even if it tasted nasty.  
Lucky for us!  Turns out to be mildly sweet and delicately delicious.  At 40% the sweetness of health-wrecking sugar, Trehalose is perfect for
blending with intensely sweet Stevia.
Before listing the other anti-aging, healing properties of Trehalose, it's worth mentioning that this yummy, sweet tasting sugar is known to elicit a
very low insulin response while providing steady, sustained energy!  There couldn't be any better news for those of us wishing slim waistlines.  Or
slim waistlines plus enough energy for strenuous physical activities.  Or slim waistlines, more energy and reduced threat of diabetes.
The small organisms where Trehalose naturally occurs exhibit  fascinating properties which hint at the curative powers of this sugar.  Selaginella
, for example, is known as "resurrection plant".  During killer droughts, it drys up, curls into a brown ball, becomes  uprooted and blows
away.  Dead?  Well, it would be except for the presence of Trehalose in its cells.  Miraculously, when moisture eventually returns, that brown, dead
ball unbelievably greens up and joins the living again!  

Trehalose protects cells from more than dehydration.  A universal stress protector and all around cellular good guy, Trehalose maintains the
integrity of living cells and biomolecules exposed to oxidation, extremes of heat or cold, high osmolarity and just about any other chemically
complicated type of insult the hapless cell might encounter.  
We are made up of cells and biomolecules.  
When we use Trehalose as a food, our cells are protected.  

 Autophagy.  Trehalose induces it.  What is it?  Do we want it?

Consider dryer-lint.  Might once have been useful particles of fabric in socks, towels or sweat pants.  Not anymore.  Now it's just useless debris,
limiting the dryer's efficiency; creating a potential fire hazard.  Over time, the cells of our bodies also accumulate useless debris.  Since there's
no way to physically reach in and clean out cellular debris, it builds up, contributing to aging, ill health, lack of energy, neurodegeneration in
older folk and even fuzzy thinking in youth .  Fortunately our bodies were brilliantly designed with a self-cleaning mode known as
Trehalose turns on autophagy!  Yes, we want Trehalose!

Trehalose promotes
Proper Protein Folding.  Well, of course  we want that too.  Who wants sloppily folded proteins?

So think about what happens when skeins of yarn and kittens meet.  Bye, bye neat balls of yarn, hello tangles.  Our beautiful protein molecules
should conform to specific three dimensional shapes.  Not quite like a skein of yarn, but appropriately shaped for their function. They can and do
become tangled.  This is bad enough if it's
young tangled cells we're talking about.  It's even worse if the molecules
are old and brittle.  So yes, it really would be nice to have something keeping us untangled and nicely folded.  And better still if it helped keep
our cells pliable.  All the better if the remedy was tasty and sweet AND helped us lose weight.

By the way, relating to proper protein folding, one of the major benefits of Trehalose is preventing
"neurofibrillary  tangles of malformed poteins
within neurons".  
Relating to autophagy, a major benefit is cleaning up "amyloid plaques".  Google either of those terms to see what Trehalose
prevents.  And by different means, Raw Cacao prevents the same deadly disease.  Pretty nice side effect of a chocolate weight loss drink, huh?

     Check out the Chocolate Strategy E-Book for tips on using Trehalose with Raw Cacao and other foods.

Two more sweet things we love:  Ribose and Luo Han Guo (monks fruit).

Ribose is a mildly sweet sugar which supports ATP production (energy) in heart and muscle tissue.  It is prescribed for people suffering from
chronic fatigue and heart diseases such as congestive heart failure.  Unfortunately quite expensive.  But fortunately, Raw Cacao provides similar

As extracts of Luo Han Guo improve (and hopefully drop in price) we intend to use this wonderful, zero calorie natural sweetener as well.

Are there any valid reasons we HAVE to use any of the synthetic calorie free sweeteners such as acesulfame K (potassium) or splenda / sucralose
or any of the offspring of aspartame (nutrasweet)?  Our diet food dollars add up to billions, so the main reason for us to consume artificial chemicals
is for the financial gain of the chemical company.  We do not have to swallow up the latest ad campaign.  Neither do we have to shop from the most
conveniently displayed store shelves.  We are free to consider what best serves the health needs of ourselves and our families.  
You may have already noticed the puzzling "protein folding" phrase on sports products containing Trehalose.  
(interrupting with an important note - *read  ingredients carefully.  Even though they contain Trehalose, many of those
sports products aren't worth your money.  It's never smart to consume ingredients detrimental to your health just to get
a couple of good ingredients like Trehalose.)  
A brief explanation of protein folding: You know that amino acids make up protein molecules.  What you might not know
is what those protein molecules would look like if you were able to see them.  They are impossibly long and slender,
with hundreds to tens of thousands of beautifully complex links bonding together the different amino acids.  The diagram
~  Konjac Root powder, aka Glucomannan fiber ~ An ancient (but new to our day) food ingredient with characteristics
known to slow carbohydrate absorption, limit fat absorption, regulate both insulin response and blood glucose levels, improve
blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce allergic responses, delay cell aging, arteriosclerosis, and brain deterioration, and of
course encourage significant weight loss.  Hooray!
All this plus it functions as a silky thickener for our Chocolate Strategy Weight Loss Smoothies.
 Learn how to use it!

at right, showing a before and after portrayal of folding, doesn't come anywhere close to representing just how long compared to how slender.