How do I place an order?
How do I order?
In the booklet, to help with your Healthy Chocolate Adventures:

* Our fast, easy, wonderful Chocolate Strategy Recipes.
        Unlike any other Raw Cacao products or recipes!
Chocolate Strategy products and recipes are specially designed to:

* encourage healthy weight loss or maintenance
* support your fitness goals
* enhance mental /emotional strength
* satisfy your taste for chocolate and build health.

Included is the Basic Drink Recipe, similar to our
unique Chocolate Strategy Weight Loss Drink Mix.  
Tweak the ingredients!
What do I receive?

password protected area of the                                            web site.
You will receive special access to your online book through a  
To order for your group,  click on any  
...........  button. You will be redirected  to
the Pay Pal site, where you can register
to pay with PayPal or with your credit

After funds are successfully transferred
through PayPal, you will receive an email
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(to be used by up to five members of a
you will be prompted to enter the ID and
the password.

*** Chocolate Strategy Instant Mixes and
other products currently have only local
availability.  First availability for shipping
will be offered to our Chocolate Strategy

We hope you'll love Chocolate Strategy
as much as we do!
To preview the Index/Table of Contents
of your online booklet, please click here:
By offering the Chocolate Strategy book
for group purchase we can provide it to
each individual at a lower cost.
Also with you Chocolate Strategy Group you
can:  Take advantage of volume shopping.  
Help each other with recipe preparation and
ideas.  Split health related research projects.  
Share new ingredients to experience wider  
variety.  Share encouragement.  
We think you will agree; when it comes to
the fun of learning
about and using a
new type of
two or more heads
are better than one!
                                           more tips:

* 4 things that rob Raw Chocolate's effectiveness.  Avoid them!

* How to tell which Raw Cacao recipes found on the Internet to avoid.

* Many ingenious ways to multiply Raw Chocolate's health benefits.     
Use them!

* Marketing
tricks - Now you know them - Don't fall for them.

* Where to buy Raw Cacao and other Chocolate Strategy ingredients.

* How to use Raw Cacao to develop more productive, cheerful thought

*** Brilliant Strategies!  All involve Raw Chocolate!  
Outsmart obstacles preventing health gain and fat loss!