Raw Cacao Instant Drink Mix   

Enjoyable, easy way to stay well hydrated.  Sip throughout  the day to sustain
emotional, mental and physical energy levels.  Expect a pleasant surprise: with raw
cacao's rich neurotransmitters and enlivening flavanols now supporting you, those  
wise food choices you've always intended can become second nature.  

Our Chocolate Strategy basic drink mix is deliberately simple.  Water.  Raw Cacao.  
Non-caloric natural sweeteners. Creamy soluble fiber blend.  Vanilla.   

We wanted an easy, understated way to make raw cacao and extra water an almost
unnoticeable addition to your everyday routine.  Please check out the recipe section
fin our online book for variations on our mix,  or to save money with instructions for
making your own mix.       
Fudgey Raw Cacao.  Fun to Share with Friends!

1/4 cup cacao powder
2 T creamy inulin
1/4 cup milled erythritol
1/16 tsp stevia
Vanilla: 1/4 tsp extract powder, pinch ground beans,  1/4 tsp glycerin  
based extract, &/or 1/4 tsp glycerin based almond.
2 T + 1/2 tsp water

unsweetened dried berries, nuts, oat meal flakes, unsweetened
coconut flakes, hemp protein powder, sprouted sunflower seeds...  
                                                Raw Cacao Instant Frosting Mix

2 Tablespoons.  48 calories.  0 % artificial.  100% Chocolate therapy.

Yummy frosting bursting with concentrated raw cacao flavanols.  Forget
the empty calorie confectioners powdered sugar!  Chocolate Strategy
uses naturally occurring, zero glycemic, pre-biotic, easy to digest  and
almost non-caloric Erythritol.  

For our frosting mix, the erythritol is milled to a fine, fluffy consistency.
We add a powdered vanilla extract and a pinch of pure, whole ground
organic vanilla beans.

You never knew so many things needed to be drenched in chocolate
                                                  Raw Cacao Instant Pudding Mix

1 cup.  70 calories.  Energizing. Light.  Uplifting.  Thickened with our
unique, creamy blend of soluble fibers (includes glucomannan).  
Experience evenly sustained energy levels as your body absorbs
dietary carbohydrates more slowly and steadily.  A percentage of
dietary  fats will bind with the fibers, saving you calories.  Our
pudding mix blends as quickly as the drink.  Variations galore!  
Terrific mood, mind and energy booster.  Savor each spoonful.

One of our favorite diet tricks:  Eat this dessert BEFORE your meal.

Another way to make calorie cutting fun:  Blend or whip with a mere
38 calories of the right protein powder -  luxurious mousse!  (see
recipe section of online book).

And /or along with the protein powder, puree with one common,
low glycemic super food so that your already nutritious Raw Cacao
Power Pudding becomes a super mini meal.
                                                 Raw Cacao Instant Fudge Mix

Sometimes too good really can be true!  Chocolate Strategy's Fudge
Mix really IS way too good to be true.  Would you believe? ...
1) An instant  fudge mix - no cooking required -  true candy texture.
Tantalizingly between  caramel, taffy and fudge.  
2) A fudge mix sweetened  with neither fattening, inflammatory, health
damaging sugars
nor artificial, calorie-free, health damaging
3) A fudge which provides you an abundance of heart-healthy cacao
flavanols.  Plus immune enhancing prebiotic, noncaloric sweeteners
and  texturizers.
4) A mix which is readily adaptable to many fudgey variations, from a
high protein mini meal, raw chocolate bars, truffles, fudgey sauce,
"uncooked" cookies and bars.
Chocolate Strategy's  Pudding, Fudge, Drink, and Frosting in Convenient, Instant
Mixes -  so busy people can take advantage of Chocolate Strategy's incredible
health and  weight loss innovations.  

All four instant mixes deliver the valuable flavanols richly abundant in properly formulated raw chocolate
foods.  These flavanols greatly increase the enlivening oxygen supplied to every cell of your brain and
body.  Each of these four unique mixes allows you that chocolatey "feel good" experience with no
hidden harm from artificial sweeteners or sugar or high fat.  We use only truly natural weight-loss friendly
sweeteners.  In a pinch, all you need to add is water.  Find great ideas for variations in the Chocolate
Strategy ($3.00) ebooklet.
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availability.  First availability for shipping will be offered to our Chocolate Strategy Groups.



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