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Fast, Easy, Healthy
Raw Cacao
Chocolate Strategy Recipes
Simple  Recipes  for Raw Cacao Pudding and Drinks.  Designed for healthy weight loss.
Brilliant Strategies!  All involve Chocolate!  Designed to outsmart your worst weight-loss obstacles.
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& Physical

  • you have much more than the temporary fix of an appetite suppressant or stimulant.
  • you gain many more advantages than simply improving your body mass index!
  • Chocolate Strategy can greatly benefit your loved ones whether they need to lose weight or not.
Chocolate Strategy sorted out the top layers (of reasons complicating weight loss) as symptoms.  Next we looked at
underlying and overlapping causes of the symptoms, and more often than not, causes underlying the underlying causes!  

This process brought exciting news for chocolate lovers.  Believe it or not, Chocolate Strategy recipes, instant mixes and
tips help you overcome a wide variety of troublesome issues - like those on
the list below.  See any here you'd like to lose?
Please give Chocolate Strategy a try.

insufficient mental or physical energy for your busy day
pain (a little or a lot, occasional or chronic)
low blood sugar
slow metabolism,
food cravings
easily out of breath
estrogen / progesterone hormonal disruptions (PMS, menopause, pregnancy)
emotional eating (stress, irritability, discouragement, depression, anxiety, exhaustion, distraction,  boredom, loneliness, &
even social/happy eating)
Chocolate Strategy utilizes the superior health building power of Raw Cacao
                 Weight loss plans vary widely, but weight loss experts generally agree on these 3 simple steps:
    1) Eat better quality calories and fewer of them.  2) Exercise more.  3) Drink more water.


Wherever you may have vital weak points preventing weight loss,  
Chocolate Strategy
targets and corrects them, allowing you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.  

By strengthening these weak points, Chocolate Strategy increases your ability to handle many of life's challenges.
                                                                - which means:
Additional ingredients are carefully chosen to build on Raw Cacao's solid foundation
Our easy, delicious recipes, instant mixes and strategies deliver improved health and energy  
Special Note for our Super Achievers:  

Yes!  Chocolate Strategy gives you an
edge with academic pursuits, athletic
and job performance, better energy,
better sleep, increased stress hardiness,  
better health in general.
Hooray!   Our easy, chocolatey strategies make those 3 steps simple for you.

So we looked carefully for reasons behind the difficulty .... And the reasons behind the reasons .... Then finally ....
 Making those 3 steps a permanent part of our lives?  Anything but simple.
A Goal is good.  A Plan for the goal is better.  A Strategy is best.
A Strategy is not a goal or a plan.  A Strategy is what you use when life throws a monkey-wrench at goals and plans.
A Strategy that involves Chocolate?  The BEST at its Tastiest!